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Shade Is Not Becoming

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Shade Is Not Becoming

Have you thrown a little shade? Was it worth it?

TL Mag Beauty · Jan. 7, 2017


Shade is not becoming of you.


This message is directly for the women of God. The reason why I say it that way is because we’re supposed to live by a different set of rules, right?


We all know what the colloquialism shade means, right? Basically you’re saying something to a person indirectly, to which it’s implied that you’re basically being nasty and starting some contention. For example, you may say, “I did not know you could become president but have no political background. But I’m not saying no names.” *insert virtual side-eye* Of course, we all know who I just shaded… our 45th president, Donald J. Trump.


Now while that is a universal feeling across the United States, when I look on social media I often find shade at least once a day by somebody. Rather it is of someone that I know closely, or the associates that happen to be a part of my friends list. Sometimes it’s not shade, we’re just making a statement based on a thought that has crossed our minds and it so happens to step on a few toes. But other times it’s an outright blast against our fellow sister, associate or whomever – without saying no names…


Every now and then a little shade may slip out, especially when you allow social media to be your open diary. However, as a woman of God we should not be throwing shade, especially when we’ve been charged with the scripture that we love our neighbors as ourselves. Shade throwing only makes us look messy when we should be striving to be virtuous women.


Natural shade was designed to provide shelter from the rain in a storm, a place of protection, a place to be cool on a hot day. But somehow it has become a dark cloud of contention that has become a way of life for many. Some people have a pride of being the King or Queen of Shade. As women of God should that be a crown we endeavor to gain?


As an ambassador of Christ I think we should implement a new commandment… thou shalt not shade. Should we tell some uncomfortable truths? Yes! But let’s watch our motives. Because while you think you’re shading one sister, it could possibly go over her head or underneath her radar because she ain’t studying you – but another sister whom the shade was unintended for may catch it and now she is feeling some type of way toward you. You see the snowball you’ve created?


Let’s go back to protecting our sisters, let’s be the right kind of shade. I’m just saying…




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