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Saved and Sexy: Can The Two Coexist?

What does it mean to be a Christian woman and have sex appeal? Is it a sin to be sexy?

TL Mag Beauty · Jan. 7, 2017

What does being saved and sexy mean to you? When you think of sexy Christian woman what comes to mind?


Do you see a woman with a tight mini skirt waving the blood stained banner? Do you see a Jezebel proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ? If you do, I think you need to clean off your glasses. You may just be in your flesh.


The two words saved and sexy can coexist.


As Christian women we can rock red lipstick, the latest makeup trends, leggings, ripped jeans – or whatever else others deem inappropriate – and still effectively represent Christ.


How do we do that? Major Key: Control the lust within you.


Now if you have the Spirit of Christ there will be attire that the Holy Spirit will nudge in your spirit and tell you that’s a no-no. But fashionable trendy clothing is all about the spirit you carry with it. For the woman, if you carry a lustful spirit then your attire would speak that way no matter what you wear. For the men, if you can’t control the lust in your flesh, then I don’t care if the woman has a nun’s uniform on – you’re going to find her sexy. Check your spirit!


Remember when the church world ate up Meagan Good… poor Meagan! The girl couldn’t catch a break. OK, maybe some of her necklines may have plunged a little too far, but so what? She’s married! Maybe her husband wanted her to dress like that.


But let’s keep it real, we all want to be attractive. Everyone is visual – sinners and saints alike. Even in Esther chapter 8, she knew she had to be pleasing to the king’s eye if she was going to get him to choose her as his wife. No one wants an unattractive, frumpy looking spouse. If you do, God bless your ministry.


On some things The Church continues to have this controlling spirit. Remember when women were wearing no makeup and skirt down to their ankles? Guess what? There were still some that were in adultery and committing other immoral sinful behaviors. The way of dress didn’t stop them from displeasing God. So let’s stop bashing women who chose to embrace their femininity.


Proverbs 12:4 said that the virtuous woman was a crown to her husband. What do you think that crown looks like? I’m sure when he describes that crown one of the attributes used will be sexy.


Moral of the story: It’s OK to be Saved And Sexy!! Do you, boo. Anyone that has a problem with it you should just choose to be unbothered… but make sure you listen to the Holy Spirit.


What do you think?





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