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Pizzazz in Women Entrepreneurship

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Pizzazz in Women Entrepreneurship: Meet Kristen R. Harris

Never despise mistakes, you don't know what God is doing behind the scenes. Check out the conversation.

TL Mag Beauty · Jan. 7, 2017

If you ask me, I’d say that God placed Kristen Harris on this earth to design our sweet treats, and most importantly to design for our souls. She exudes pizzazz, shows us there is no shame in being the one that got away, give us empower moments, and teaches us how to be wives. The 40 under 40 inductee is just the bomb when it comes to women entrepreneurship.


You never know the road you’re going to go down until God begins to take you there. You see getting into the sweets game was an accident for Kristen. The birth of her third daughter brought on a challenge that God truly delivered her and her family out of. Her sweet precious baby was faced with some health challenges that required her to have an open heart surgery during the first year of her life. Due to the need to care for her child Kristen was forced to be laid off from her job. But we have to remember God told us in 1 Thessalonians 5:18 to give thanks for everything in our lives.


By the love and grace of God the precious baby girl triumphed through her surgery and the following year was celebrating her one year birthday! Understandably, Kristen was excited and was fully engulfed in the festivities. Well who wouldn’t!? God performed a miracle and it needed to be celebrated. The following week Kristen was reminded that she was in charge of favors for her cousin’s baby shower. There she was the night before and she had nothing to offer. She recollects being up at midnight creating five dozen chocolate covered pretzels for the gift bags for the party. Look at God! A ten year vet in the industry of civil engineering became the queen of sweet artistry from being in charge of party favors for a relative’s baby shower – that’s how Pizzazzed Plus was born.


Kristen admits that the pretzels weren’t pretty and they looked terrible in her opinion. She couldn’t believe that everyone was so impressed by those “ugly pretzels” that she wrapped up – but she believe the great presentation she gave them is what sealed the deal. From there she was encouraged by many to sell them. Seeing that she was unemployed at the time she decided to act on the suggestion. She contributes “YouTube University” to helping her perfect a lot of her earlier food art.


Fast forward to present day and she is one of the most sought-after sweets lady by event planners throughout Chicago and the country. She’s provided sweets for major events for companies like Verizon and talk show Windy City Live.


As a Black, female entrepreneur she isn’t too worried about competition. Not because of arrogance but because she always trust in her product. For her, Kristen believes the experience she provides for her clients is what keeps them coming back to her.  It’s all about the customization and her strict rule of never duplicating any of her designs.  She believes the exclusivity of her designs is what excites the customers and propels her brand.


Kristen is also a believer in first class customer service. She lives by do unto others as you would have them do unto you. She knows that she isn’t exempt from bad experiences, but believes that how you accommodate in those experiences is how you resolve your relationship with your clients. She’s all about building relationship with clients and tries to always make sure she does follow through. She learns to custom-tailor her availability to her clients.


In the world of entrepreneurship your business thrives when you have a great reputation as a brand. Clients need to be able to trust you and trust in your message. But Kristen also noted that "entrepreneurs also must have a great support system and understand the ability to focus. "Focus is especially important for Women entrepreneurs – simply because we’re the masters of multitasking" she says.


"But in order to master our brands women have to learn to focus on one thing before we start all of these different ventures", says Kristen.  She is reminded of a proverb that says if you chase two rabbits they’ll both get away. "You have to focus and put your energy on one project at a time. Figure out what your top priority is."


During the time of the interview I asked Kristen what was her dream project?


Mary J. Blige, Taraji P. Henson, and Jill Scott! I would love to bring them in a room with a group of women who have great things in them. I want to get that stuff out and have those [MJB, Taraji, and Jill] women pour into them. [I’d like to] have this large scale conference and become their mid-wives along with these other celebrities and pour into women and bring things into fruition.”


Check out all of Kristen’s ventures for truly this woman was sent by God.



Photos Credit: Facebook, Kristen R. Harris




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