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Leaving the Stupid Girl Behind

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Lauren Michelle Jackson: Leaving the Stupid Girl Behind

ICYMI: We sat down in 2015 with this "reformed stupid girl" and we got our lives all the way together.

TL Mag Beauty · Jan. 7, 2017

“The vision was not random – but it was definitely God inspired,” blushes Lauren as she tells TL Mag about the vision for “I was driving home one day, I’d just graduated from Hampton University in 2008 and the market was crashing. There were no jobs in my field and I was working two jobs in the mall. I remember being very angry about my situation.


“I was coming home one evening and God put into my spirit to make a women’s empowerment website. I was taken aback by God’s command.” Says Lauren. Although she obliged to the request made by God, she wasn’t sure how to fully execute it because “there was no direction or steps to complete the task”, she says. “The name [Hey Mz. Lady] was also given by God, which was very interesting to me because I would always approach my friends and say ‘Hey, Ms. Lady.’  So I started off doing the blog during my time when I was working on my master’s in graduate school. The blog wasn’t really successful initially nor did I really have the time to sow into it – I looked at it during that time as a sign that it wasn’t the time for it, yet.” But in 2013, Lauren begin to think about the blog and vision God had given her and started saying “let’s see how far this will go.” Lauren goes on to explain the launch of Hey Mz. Lady, “I got all of my branding together and started working on the website site. However, it continued to be stop and go for about a year. But one day I was truly inspired to go full force with [] and on February 2, 2015 it finally got off the ground and we launched the site. Which has been doing pretty great!”


“From a young age everyone has always come to me for advice. I believe God has granted me the wisdom to help people wherever they may be. I’ve always had a passion to help people when they’ve been down-and-out and always had a desire to be very supportive to everyone. God has given me great wisdom and the ability to assess in many situations. Sometimes I don’t feel like I’m equipped to do this, but God always reassures me that he has purposed me for the [vision of].


We went on to talk about beauty and confidence. “We’re not taught to have a relationship with ourselves!” Lauren exclaims. She discusses the issue we women face with our inner beauty and the confidence we sometimes lack. “Be your own best friend first. Sometimes God will isolate us from everyone to get us to focus on us and to get in tune with who he is and where we are in our own lives.


“Sometimes I feel if we only knew who we really were we wouldn’t find ourselves in compromising situations to where we’re second guessing ourselves and looking for approval from others. It always goes back to our core and who we are. We have to be confident in ourselves because who we are at our core sets the tone for everything else in our lives.


“The choice is up to you to bend your own rules and define your own rules - but, in the end, at least you will know who you are. And staying true to you is the biggest thing and the biggest blessing that I know others can really benefit from you.”

TL Mag asked Lauren what’s her take on healthy self-esteem, this is what she had to say. “Healthy self-esteem is looking in the mirror and liking the person you see. Love can get you through a lot of stuff, but it can also cause you to do a lot of things that are not becoming of you. But it’s different to actually get up every morning and genuinely say that I like the person that I am. It’s OK to say, yes, I have my flaws and I’m working past them – but sometimes you have to give yourself a pat on the back. Sometimes you have to say that you “got this” – in a healthy way. Whatever you speak into your life that is what you become. You have to affirm yourself.”


As a counselor we asked Lauren how does she merge her clinical expertise with Hey Mz. Lady?


“My background is what helps makes Hey Mz. Lady stand apart from other blogs. Some are self-experts and base their material from their life’s experiences – and it’s nothing wrong with that but my clinical experience comes into play to help them get more from the life experiences. Like using my therapeutic experience, but also using some down-to-earth type of exercises that merges the two. I’m coming in through the back door with my clinical expertise. I’m letting you be the expert of your life, while helping you navigate through it and giving you steps along the way. ‘Ask Mz. Lady’ is where readers of the blog can ask me questions and I will give them my answer based on my clinical knowledge. I want to come from a place of as if you’re speaking to your good girlfriend who just happens to be a professional counselor.”


Who is the reformed stupid girl? We asked Lauren. She laughed in her response. “RSG is a highlight into my own personal life. Many times people think because I’m a therapist that I have it all together. I have a past just like anyone else. I know the title of RSG is a shocker but it’s meant to wake us up to acknowledge the decisions that we’ve made. It’s not to say that we’re stupid but we’ve all made stupid mistakes. Many of us evolve from being a RSG to a Hey Mz. Lady.”


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Also Lauren has started Hey Mz. Lady University. Become an alumni!



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