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Getting Personal with Tina Campbell

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Getting Personal with Tina Campbell

ICYMI: TL Mag sat down with Tina Campbell in 2015 to talk about her then new album and her life after reality TV.

TL Mag Beauty · Jan. 7, 2017

With all that Tina Campbell had been through within the media, TL Magazine had to ask her how was she managing her family and career life together. And we didn’t expect anything less than a strong answer from Ms. Campbell.


She stated, “It’s a challenge, it’s not an easy task, but with God all things are possible. I’m no different from any other working woman and mother. Sometimes, I do feel overwhelmed and feel like I don’t have it all together, but my husband definitely helps me out – I am grateful for him. He speaks the Word over my life and prays with me daily. Also my mother helps me pull it all together. A family that is supportive and who loves me is very helpful to me.”


Tina went on to add that she had learned to continue to apply her faith in challenging times. “I understand, in life there will be challenges. However, I choose to run to God. You can’t have an abundant life without running to God. With God’s help I’m able to manage. Am I great at it all the time, no, sometimes I think I’m flunking – but I don’t quit.”


We asked her about her album and one of her tracks on the album, Speak the Word and where it stems from. With gratefulness and humbleness she explains, “Speak the Word didn’t come from a place of pain. When I wrote It’s Personal, God gave me victorious things to speak over my life. I hope no one feels pain, but I hope when they hear the album they hear perseverance, and a willingness to apply the truth.” Tina goes on to talk about how sometimes we can lie to ourselves because it feels more convenient and easier to digest, but she’s learned to “apply the truth to get to a better place.”


She tells TL Mag about the track, Speak the Word. “My husband and I were on our way back from a concert and God gave me the whole song. Speak the Word, and Destiny, are the most biographical songs on the entire album. We spoke the Word over our lives every day, all day. Between 2013 and 2014 I didn’t do nothing more than I prayed and read the Word. I believe that is how God brought me through it.” She stated as she began to refer to the infidelity that we all publicly know about. “You don’t find out that your husband has cheated on you with 9 different women over 9 years, publicly, and get through it in a year and a half - unless all mighty God has intervened and provided a miracle.


As she began to break down the more shocking details, you can feel the passion and gratefulness she has toward God for healing her broken marriage. She continues, “But I specifically prayed to God and told him I want to be a living, walking, talking breathing miracle of your love, your power, and your grace. If these counselors and medical professionals are telling me that it’s going to take me two to three years of therapy and counseling, with a little bit of medication and all this other stuff – surely, if you’re God, you can do it for me in half the time. I literally told God I wanted to be better in a year. Not two years, I want to be better in a year.”


Tina explains to us God’s perfect prescription for getting through the infidelity in her marriage. “To get through this, I asked God what do you need of me? I got in his Word and found out what he needed of me and applied it – it wasn’t easy. Some days I was acting an absolute fool and failed at it. Some days I did listen to the devil. But I chose to get up every single day and fought on to apply the Word to my life. So Speak the Word is absolutely personal. Everything in that song is what had to happen.”


She began to preach a little as she continued in sharing her testimony. “When things ain’t looking easy you have to tell yourself that with God everything is possible, you have to learn to enjoy the journey with all the bumps and bruises. If God says all things will work out for your good you have to trust that and keep it moving.”


The opening track for It’s Personal, has it’s own special anointing on it. We had to talk to Tina about the song, Holy Spirit, and where it comes from?


Tina explains, “That song takes me in every time I hear it. If I can be honest I didn’t have an agenda with any of the songs I wrote for the album. I didn’t ask God for any of it. Not a song, a book, an album, not a solo ministry – I just sought God. I told God that I wanted to forgive. That I need my mind right. If God says that the Holy Spirit knows everything, is going to teach us everything, and is going to help us then I need the Holy Spirit. So I would wake up every day and invite the Holy Spirit to take control over my life - lead me, guide me, teach me, and show me because clearly I didn’t know what I was doing. So he gave me this song one day as I was coming out of prayer. Again, that song is a testament of what I was saying and praying over myself.”


We asked Tina how was life without Erica onstage with her. “I am comfortable with being on stage by myself – I don’t mind being my own individual. Having done this so long [singing with Erica], with standing alone without [her], in the very beginning stages when I first started singing I found that I was a little nervous. But now I don’t have a problem with standing alone. We both have our own voice that God has given us to communicate and move freely in what he’s given us to express to the world. I don’t have a problem standing on my own – I’m a real grown woman.”


Reality stars get a bad reputation and many people often get caught up in believing that the reality stars they see on TV is who they are 24/7 off camera. We asked Tina if she holds back any of herself for the camera.


This is what she had to say. “Wisdom has dictated to me that I wouldn’t show all of me and the ends and out of what goes on in my life. I’m very aware that I’m a celebrity. I’m very aware that God has blessed us with a few things. And there are some people who are willing to extort things to gain celebrity, or build their own cause to make money by exploiting and extorting you.”


Although Tina knows that she can’t share everything in her life, she goes on to explain why she was willing to tell the world about her marital issues and not hide them. “So in the middle of all my brokenness, my hurt, and my shame, not only did I not want to be hostage to someone finding out and always looking over my shoulder because the world might find out about my broken life.  I wanted to let it go, honestly, so I can be free and so I can give it to God and he could deliver me. But I’m also very conscious that people would try to take this story and exploit this. So every horrible detail that somebody might try to find out and try to use against me I decided to put it all out there myself. So if you think you’re going to tell my business, guess what? I already told it. And if you think you’re coming to me to tell me something, guess what? I already know about it. My husband gave me play-by-play, detail-by-detail because I wanted it. You’re going to tell me what I’m forgiving, and if you don’t tell me all that I’m forgiving I can’t fully forgive you. I told him if he didn’t tell my truth someone else would.


There were so many people involved in it and I would have been further hurt, humiliated and embarrassed and shamed had they had the opportunity to tell it. I told him to tell me everything that I’m dealing with so I can take this to God and be free of it. I don’t live in fear at all of someone trying to exploit or extort me. There’s nothing you can’t tell me because I know it all.”


We asked Tina about the reconciliation process and how that is going. She was very candid in her response. “I didn’t think reconciliation could be this good. I couldn’t come up with this. My husband, now, is my best friend. Before this issue my husband and I were not friends. We were passionate lovers – in the middle of finding out all of these affairs I could understand him in an affair because him and I were like an affair. We’ve always had passionate sex and affection, but we were disconnected with all of the other stuff. We were not friends, we did not communicate well, we argued and contended with one another. We had a lot of tit-for-tat, silly stuff in our marriage. We dealt with that in our relationship for 12 years. We finally had to face all of the dumb decisions we’ve made through finding out he cheated on me. I can also acknowledge that I was a wife that did not contribute to my husband’s happiness. I don’t blame myself for him cheating on me, but I blame myself for what I did. I put my husband last, I had my way. I was a very contentious woman. I was a prideful woman. I had all my little issues that I contributed to the relationship. I had to come clean and deal with all of it.”


Tina goes on to share what she learned about marriage through all of the turmoil and the new beauty she sees in her husband. “In a relationship you have to be honest – especially when it comes to forgiveness. You can’t forgive people when the other person isn’t all the way honest. Some wives and some husbands really want to love their spouse, they really want to give their all, but it’s hard getting to that part when you haven’t forgiven that person. My husband has become my confidant. The same man that broke my heart publicly, in front of the whole world, has now become my favorite person in the whole world. I watched God transform his life, I watched him run to God, read the Word and apply it to his life every day. When I accepted and forgave what he did, it helped his love for me grow even stronger. His love for me is so amazing. The Bible says that him who is forgiven much, loves much. Through forgiving him the love I’m experiencing from him now is beyond anything I could have imagined. Now we’re over here in fantasy land. I encourage couples who’ve been through what I’ve been through and choose to reconcile, to stick to it, you can get to better if you go through the worst.”


Positivity in rebuilding a broken marriage is critical to it’s sustainability. We asked Tina what positive advice she would tell a couple that could help them rebuild. She stated, “When a relationship has been through infidelity, within you, you can believe that your spouse it better than what they did. But your pride and ego says I’m hurt and I don’t want that part to be part of my story. So we’ll forfeit something that is amazing because our ego and pride doesn’t want that a part of our story line. Sometimes you just have to hang in there with your marriage because you get out too soon and find that the next person isn’t all that amazing.”



Photo Credit: Facebook, Tina Campbell




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