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Faith: The Key To Success

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Faith: The Key to Success for the 'Grape Lady' Tamara Brown

This lady puts the faith in hustle! Let her tell you how she did it!!

TL Mag Beauty · Jan. 7, 2017

It is said that prayer is the key and faith unlocks the door. But when I think about Tamara’s story I believe faith is the key and it unlocks the door as well.


Project manager by day, entrepreneur by faith is what I like to call her. In 2009 Tamara had an event and project planning business – Nadia’s Event and Project Planning. Seemed like a no-brainer seeing that she was already in the project management field.


You may not know Tamara by name, but you may know her by her grapes. She is the real-deal grape lady! Yeah I know you know her, Nadia’s Gourmet Grapes. So how did she go from Nadia’s Event and Project Planning to grapes? Story is quite interesting, but really makes sense.  She had an event for a then client in her event planning business. She recalls how sweets tables were becoming popular during the time and she wanted to incorporate something unique. She was inspired to doing the uniquely covered grapes from a bridal shower she attended and became very attracted to the concept.


She mentioned to her grandmother that she wanted to do the idea and her grandmother gave her some tips on what to do to make them. She was not naturally a baker or cook, but knew she could do it with instructions. She failed the first time making them, but kept trying until she got it down pat. Once the grapes were perfected she presented it at her client’s event. Needless to say the folks were loving them and many orders later she is now the official “grape lady”.


Tamara has produced some of the most attractive, delectable grapes that I have ever tried. She has everything from toffee covered grapes, key lime covered, red velvet covered, and my favorite the Carmel Delights!


But you may want to know what all this has to do with faith? Glad you asked. During the time of the interview in late 2015, Tamara was still working her 9 to 5 by day and being a fempreneur by night, not to mention a single mother!


When I asked her how did she do it all, she simply said “faith and discipline.”  With the faith in her back pocket she proclaims that she gets up every day in faith and pursues the purpose. She recalls starting her business based on being in church one day and the pastor was talking about dreams and stepping out on faith. She stated that the pastor said that your faith has to be bigger than your fears. She wasn’t sure that in starting a business if people would be supportive. But she says she gets up every day praying for guidance, wisdom, resources, and that God will bring the right people in her life.


As a woman of faith she declares that it’s not hard to maintain giving God what he desires of her personally and still do all the other aspects of her business.  She says that God gives her the energy and what she needs because she’s doing what God asks of her in terms of taking care of his desires. "He gives me the extra that I need because I give everything to him!" She affirms that, "as a Christian, if you do what you’re supposed to do and take care of God’s business you don’t have to worry about anything, God will take care of the rest."


Tamara says, “if I can go to my 9 to 5, I can go to Bible study. God is the reason that I have everything that I have." Also she is big on tithing. She is a believer that "if you tithe according to what God desires you will never want for anything.” Serving God comes first for her. Faith is the major key. She states, “because I asked for the business and the resources and he gives it to me – the minute I stop doing what he asked me to do everything can be taken away from me.  You have to be ready.”


She prays in terms of her 9 to 5 on when to leave and work as an entrepreneur full-time. She knows that she has to have faith that she’s going to be successful and that the business is going to be successful. She is blessed that God has put people in her path that helps and aids in her being successful. She is constantly asking for God to increase her faith.


Tamara also acknowledges in doing what she did that it truly meant that she had to want it and had to be clear about her vision and goals. Without that she admits that the struggles of it would overtake her. She also credits her strong support system that helps her keep her business moving forward. God has blessed her support system as well, family, friends, church family and sorors. She states that they always show up and show out. She is often overwhelmed by the amount of support God allows to come her way.


And for the moments when she doesn’t quite understand God’s direction, she recites the Serenity Prayer.


Even though others tell her that she’s an inspiration she’s humbled by it because she was just simply putting an idea out there for people to enjoy. But she is also encouraged by it because she believes "in life that we’re supposed to be helping people and empowering people." Whatever she can do, give, or say she’s here to do it because she understands that we’re supposed to give what God has blessed us with.


Although it’s cliché, she knows "nothing happens overnight, but you have to keep going with the vision."


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Photos Credit: Facebook, Tammy Brown




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