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Donieshia Wade: Beautifully Transformed

There's nothing too hard for God, and when he has you in mind he makes sure he gets your attention. Check out the conversation.

TL Mag Beauty · Jan. 7, 2017

I’m a firm believer that when God has a plan for your life he is going to make sure that you fulfill your purpose. I was amazed to speak to Ms. Donieshia S. Wade to discover that the Lord had taken us down similar paths to Christianity. I remember in the interview in mid-conversation I was moved to tears. Reason being I was struggling with the thought of if I was on the right career path. I started this magazine and wasn’t sure if I was in the will of God. Well… speaking with Donieshia definitely solidified that I was on the correct path.


Donieshia S. Wade is a transformational speaker who started speaking in August 2015 from a desire to pour into other women who were lost. With her passion for uplifting and enlightening women she has a vision to help them redirect their mindset and aid in fostering them to build healthier relationships with other people.


Donieshia admittedly recognized that she, too, once was once lost and made horrible decisions. On her platform, Beautifully Transformed, she chooses to use her testimony and the word of God to pour into others. Beautifully Transformed is a mentorship and empowering event for women 15 and older with the mission to have real, relatable, and reviving encounters that will lead them to Christ. I believe every testimony is God’s modern day epistles to future saints. Just when we believe that someone wouldn’t understand where we’re coming from, God can send someone like Donieshia to tell her testimony and show you that you can also be beautifully transformed.


In August 2011 Donieshia got saved, during our interview she vividly told the story of what she experienced on her road to salvation. She recalls that three months prior to her surrender she remembers there was this tug on spirit and heart. She remembers having a urgent feeling to go to church. But like many of us, she would not obey the spirit. In her honesty, she states that she really didn’t know it was the Spirit of God that was presenting this feeling to her. She recalls going to church as a little girl but never really knew God. Like many, all she knew was go to God when she needed something or was in need of help. Ms. Wade reflected on a life that was consumed with smoking, selling drugs, sex, and single motherhood. On the eve of her life changing encounter with God she remembers drinking heavily and only thinking about herself.  She partied a local club with her friends and reminisces on how they all were greatly intoxicated that evening.


At the end of the night she recalls going home and being confronted with an image she was unfamiliar with. As she faced herself in the mirror she says she “didn’t see the light-skinned, long-haired, thick girl any more. The girl that could get whomever she wanted and who could do what she wanted to do.” Remorsefully she saw, “a whore, an unfit mother, drunk, irresponsible person who was very immature.”


In that moment she believed that God allowed her to see who she really was – to see herself how God saw her. Through repentant tears and a sincere cry for help from the depths of her soul, she began to rip her clothes off. She didn’t want to be the woman she saw in the mirror anymore. Most importantly she didn’t want her son nor God to see her like that anymore. She didn’t know she was praying, but God knew she was asking for help for a change.


She believes that God knew that from that Saturday evening she was no longer going to ignore the tug on her heart about church and that she was going to make it to somebody’s church on that Sunday morning. She humorously recalls going to church that Sunday morning, it was a church that was nearest to her house of which she had never been before. She had sunglasses on and sat in the back of the church - she didn’t want anyone to see her or know her. She proclaims that the word that came through the Pastor was life changing. She felt like God was molding and shaping her into who he now wanted her to be. She received salvation that day and was baptized. She felt like she walked in as mud and walked out light and refreshed.


In the moment of reflecting on her ministry and being launched out to do Beautifully Transformed, Donieshia realizes that she was walking in blind faith. For her it was like being an early disciple - God said follow him and she did. She didn’t know what she was getting herself into, all she knew was that God was real. She knew God was real because of what he changed in her and all the sinful desires he was able to take out of her life. She didn’t know what to expect on her journey of salvation but she knew she had the potential to be great. That she had the potential to do something abundant in the kingdom of God.


A point that Donieshia couldn’t stress enough was that Christian women need to know their identity in Christ. She states we have to know who we are because when we don’t know who we are we settle for anything and everybody - we fall because we forget who we are. She demands that we must know where we’re going and the power we possess. She states that knowing our purpose wakes us up in the morning and gives us the determination to be better women for the Kingdom of God!


Donieshia says that when she looks on social media she sees many women who are facing an identity crisis. But she wants to encourage those women to find out who they are in God and who God sees them as. She prayerfully hopes that they see the same mirror she saw and learn to speak those things that be not into their lives. She believes we are so much more than what we put on social media and it’s time for others to see that as well.


To contact Donieshia for speaking engagements email her:


Photos Credit: Facebook, Donieshia S. Wade




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